Xmas List for this year!

Again, a repeat of previous years - VERY VERY rare public post. I'm writing this for Lo-Lin and my parents:

InstantMusic Vinyl & Cassette Ripper - From ThinkGeek for $49.99

Any of the Sweatyfrog Hong Kong Vinyls at Sweatyfrog for $24.99

MacGyver - Complete Series. So awesome. The only disappointment about this set: it doesn't include the three made for TV movies about MacGyver!!!! Oh well Amazon for $169.99

Titanium Spork by Thinkgeek for $8.99

"The Art of Simple Food" by Alice Waters at Amazon for $20.99

A pair of Patagonia casual shoes - more appropriately, a gift certificate to buy the shoes I want when I go there. at Patagonia for about $130

I like bourbon.

ok. im done. btw. - this isn't in any order.

Last Night in Dubai

I have much to say about Dubai, but I really need time to relax and write something proper. I will soon -- probably when I am relaxing in Belgium/Amsterdam/Luxembourg

until then -- g'day!
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UAE: Dubai Day 2 and 3

First, the pictures of the first days. The Al Burj Arab Hotel is beautiful.

The second and third days were exhausting. Basically, we went to the following places:

1) U.S. Consulate meeting at the 4 Seasons
2) American Business Council out in the middle of nowhere
3) Dubai Chamber of Commerce - this was neat - overlooking everything and talking about conference productions.
4) ETA-ASCON group - this huge 45000 person company.

Basically it was a long 2 days. The food is kind of expensive, but alright. I think I've finally caught up on my sleep, but now - its time for bed! i'm hoping to post more photos tomorrow.

Tomorrow, we are going to Abu Dhabi. I plan on taking a lot of pictures. =)
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UAE: Dubai: What a long trip

I think I've decided instead of a blogspot blog this time, I'm just going to post publicly about my travels. This way, it requires zero extra effort to get things posted.

So..... Wed. morning at way too early in the morning I headed to Denver International Airport with LoLin's help. Way too early after a night of celebrating the end of finals with friends. Ending up going through Minneapolis and then landed in Peoria IL where my sister was waiting. So tired. Drove from Peoria through to Iowa City to meet my clients. Great meeting, lots of brainstorming.

Afterwards, I headed over to Megan's and we went to Old Chicago for dinner. Good times. its great to catch up with old friends. Afterwards, we headed back to her place where I promptly passed out from exhaustion.

The next morning, thanksgiving day. I don't really like Thanksgiving. My family is....different. We go to Old Country Buffet for Thanksgiving. I absolutely hate the place, but we go there anyways. I was running late because I was so tired, but I made it just on time. Had some crappy buffet style food and argued for a bit. Then.....airport time!

The long trip had commenced. Bouncing from Moline, IL to Minneapolis to Amsterdam wasn't too bad -- the first flight had 6 people, the international flight had about 30. I had a whole row of 4 seats to myself until someone slid into one of them. not bad though -- more than enough room to stretch out. Amsterdam was alright - grabbed my bag quickly and went through passport control and customs - easy time. Checked my bags into Lufthansa for my next flight series - and asked whether i had time to get to and from the city for fun -- she denied me.

so i hung out at Schipol - gambled at the casino, used some internets, read a lot -- finished Da Vinci Code. then the next flight series commenced: Munich to Dubai. Munich was alright -- had 2 Euro homebrew beers at the restaurant next to the Dubai gate. The flight to Dubai was long and tiring -- too full. the guy next to me was big like me -- and even though we had an exit row - we were cramped. oh well

Dubai Airport: OMG -- HUGE. It was immense -- i think i walked for 30 minutes before I hit visa control and they told me to just continue to passport -- where I waited close to 2 hours in line. You would think a 2 hour wait would consist of one line -- but there was a room literally the size of the Pepsi Center in Denver (where the Nuggets basketball team plays) -- that was FULL of people in lines - probably 40 lines about 100 people deep. I wish i could have taken pictures -- so immense. After passport control, I bought some illegal liquor and skirted around customs. Yes! Grabbed a taxi and got to the hotel. By the time I got to the hotel, it was 8:30 AM on Saturday morning.

Luckily the hotel was nice enough to let me check in early -- i took a nap and headed out to the Mall of the Emirates -- where they have the indoor snowboarding. Hit up Virgin for the Da Vinci Code DVD and wandered around. I saw Quiznos (for LoLin) and ate some Lebanese fast food. Good stuff. Headed back and watched the movie and read for a while before passing out.

Started off Sunday well, the first day with everyone. Went to the Burj Dubai Sales office first. This is being built right now -- as the tallest building in the world. They haven't announced the height, because they want it to be the tallest. The complex is huge. I mean -- enormous.

The second place we went was the The Palm Jumeirah sales office. Yes, this is *the* Palm Islands and the World. We saw lots of clips about their progress and was told that they are all sold out basically. Crazy. We didnt get to go out to the Islands, but could see them from the shore. The massiveness of the project is unbelievable. The same group also built the Burj Al Arab Hotel -- You know, the windsail one? We drove past there a few times and took pics. Great times.

Afterwards, we went to lunch at some Lebanese place and ate way too much food, napped in the bus for a bit and went to the Dubai Museum. By that time, everyone was tired and cranky -- went back to the hotel, called LoLin, went to the hotel bar with my roommate and went to bed. So tired. I woke up early this morning and got online. not too bad. Even though i dont have internets in my room. =(

Now, its breakfast time!!! I will try and post pictures tomorrow. Any special requests?

Christmas wish list! Cuz my momma loves it!

Very rarely do I post publicly, but since my mom wants to see a christmas wish list every year....here we go. The only problem is that I will be plane.bound coming back to Denver this year -- so big gifts are out out out! Hell, I'd do fine with gift certificates to Amazon.com or Newegg.com or Target. BTW - All links go directly to the item unless otherwise specified.

Other than that.....here it goes -- my dream list:

PowerSquid Outlet Multiplier - From Thinkgeek for $12.99 I don't need anymore regular power strips - this one fills the needs I have - ability to do wallwarts (those stupid square box power things)

InstantMusic Vinyl & Cassette Ripper - From ThinkGeek for $49.99

Weiqi ("Go") Set - From YM Imports for $$115.00 You can probably find a cheaper one, but a quality set would be nice.

American Streamlined Design by David Hanks and Anne Hoy. Amazon for $47.25 new; $32.72 used. Half.com for $37.95

Any of the Sweatyfrog Hong Kong Vinyls at Sweatyfrog for $24.99

Office Space - Special Edition with Flair (Widescreen) - I have the original, but I want more FLAIR! -- Amazon for $13.66 new and $9.85 used; Half.com for $7.75 used

Foodie Craze - Like trivial pursuit, but for food crackheads like me from Foodie Craze for $29.99. You might be able to find this cheaper elsewhere.

The West Wing - Complete Series. No funny business. All 7 seasons in one package. My style. I LOVE LOVE LOVE West Wing. Amazon for $179.99

MacGyver - Complete Series. So awesome. The only disappointment about this set: it doesn't include the three made for TV movies about MacGyver!!!! Oh well Amazon for $173.99

Six Feet Under - Complete Series. This is one messed up TV show. I love it Amazon for $179.99

Frigits Deluxe - Rube Goldberg madness for your fridge!!!! From their website for $29.95

The Economist - yes. I'm a dork, but a year subscription to The Economist would be great - At their website for $49.90

Vertical Brain Cell Laptop Bag by Tom Bihn - Size 6 - Black, no shoulder strap. =D

Ethernet Crossover Adapter by Thinkgeek for $6.99

Titanium Spork by Thinkgeek for $8.99

Mike's Give Me Stuff List

It's time for the annual, "Get Mike cool stuff" -- mainly for my parents,
but if any one of you wants to send me stuff -- you know where to reach me

Usually I put up a huge list of items -- that i kind of want -- that would
be neat. But I really don't want anything...unless its creative or unique.
I like unique. or thoughtful. thoughtfulness is great. Movies clothes
and music are typically bad choices to give me. Books are quickly becoming
the same way -- unless i specifically request it. don't buy me that

umm what else can be said. I like events. MUCH more than stuff. say --
"mike, let's go to a hockey or football game" or something like that. it
means more to me, than say ....socks.

I'm a total gift giver. Thoughtful, meaningful gifts mean a lot lot lot to

anyways, for the uncreative and uneventful bunch out there. here is my xmas
list in no particular order

Item  Cost  Link  Comments

Powersquid Outlet Multiplier  $15  ThinkGeek  I have too many electronics

i-Dog  $30  Hasbro  I need this like I need a kick in the head, but it's neat

American Streamlined Design: The World of Tomorrow by David Hanks  $35 used  Amazon Half.com is too expensive  I love design. Plus this is in my Amazon wishlist

Any vinyl character from Sweatyfrog  $22  Sweatyfrog  I love neat shit.

Yoshitomo Nara Clock  $219  Sweatyfrog  The most amazing clock ever

Office Space - Special Edition with Flair (Widescreen)  $15 New $13 Used  Amazon Half   I already have the regular version, but I want FLAIR!!!! -- btw its also on my Amazon wish list

The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology by Ray Kurzweil  $20  Amazon  Also on my Amazon wish list.

Any of the Lindeman's Lambics  $8  Liquorama   I like beer and wine. Not cheap stuff, but good stuff

Candeloo Rechargeable Lamps, Orange/Violet  $50  
MOMA  These are too nice

Foodie Craze - food trivial pursuit!  $30  FoodieCraze.com  ummm I like games

and finally

My Amazon wish
- You can send directly to me!

or Old Chicago gift cards or Amazon gift certificates. those are good.
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I normally dont do this

But, since I'm an Iowa fan -- please read this and go vote for her. she's winning heavily now...but we need to assure an Iowa girl's place. =)


Hello Everyone!!

Today I was notified that I was selected as a potential candidate to dance on
Broadway!!! A couple of weeks ago I sent in a tape and now I'm a contestant
in the running. I'm very excited to be a top 10 finalist to dance on
Broadway, but now I really need your help!!!!!!! The one person who gets the
most votes by Nov. 30th will get to go to Broadway and dance with the cast and
crew of Sweet Charity. Being the small town girl from the Midwest, we have a
lot of votes to try and accumulate. If you would be so kind to please visit
the following website:


And vote for DIANA (IA)!!

To vote is easy and will only take 10 seconds of your time. I believe each
computer terminal can vote once (but you can still try several times on
different days to see if it works :) Also, please send this to all your
friends, family, classmates, co workers, or even random people you meet!! The
more people we can get the word out to the better chance of winning.

I would greatly appreciate all and any help that you can give me in trying to
accomplish one of my ultimate goals of performing on Broadway. With all of
your help I definitely think it's possible.

Thanks so much and keep the votes coming!

Diana Reed
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im jumping on the bandwagon

A bunch of people have done the top 12 albums that have help shape and influence the person I am today. Not tired yet, so I might as well jump on the bandwagon.

In no particular order

. White Zombie - Astro-Creep: 2000
. NIN - Fixed
. Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works Vol. 2
. Squarepusher - Feed Me Weird Things
. Plastikman - Musik
. Autechre - Incunabula
. Ministry - ΚΕΦΑΛΗΞΘ/Psalm 69
. Lords of Acid - Lust (Voodoo U was great, but Lust influenced me more)
. Mark Farina - Mushroom Jazz (mix CD, yes - but the compilation made me think differently about music and the purpose of music)
. Jeff Mills - Mix-Up vol. 2 Live at the Liquid Room (mix CD - but but but ;)
. Adam Beyer - Pump EP
. Nirvana - Nevermind

so, i include 2 mix cds -- but whatever -- if you want to replace them - replace them with these:
. V/VM - Machine Components
. Vikter Duplaix - Sensuality